NEMO: MMO I-VMS for Inshore Fisheries 0407

England MMO I-VMS certified

Compact & Rugged

Waterproof IP67

Free, quick & local installation

Free support

Free access to FishNEMO software

Package options range from

Fully refundable by MMO
I-VMS grant

With effect from 14th March 2023, we are suspending I-VMS sales pending the publishing of the report of the independent tests from the MMO. The date for the installation of the remaining under 6 meter boats has been updated on the website to ‘under review’.

Simple, Reliable, Affordable I-VMS Solution

NEMO is the first all-in-one vessel monitoring system (vms) specifically designed for monitoring and protecting small scale fisheries.

Suitable for all vessels with or without onboard power/electrics. Solar powered built in battery.

NEMO transmitter

Choose your NEMO Package

In order to fully maximise the benefit from your MMO grant we have developed the following packages.

Nemo Package 1
Suitable for Non VAT registered



  • NEMO device
  • 1 year airtime
  • 2 year warranty
  • free installation
  • access to FishNEMO software



  • (9-36v) to 5v converter kit (required for powered installations) – £35
  • or battery charging pack (battery only installations) – £35


  • £9.95 anywhere in the UK

Sub Total – £539.95
VAT – £107.99

Total £647.94 (This will be refunded through the MMO grant)

Nemo Package 2
More suited to VAT registered customers (optional)



  • NEMO device
  • 2 years airtime
  • 2 year warranty
  • free installation
  • access to FishNEMO software
  • free delivery


  • (9-36v) to 5v converter kit (required for powered installations) – £35
  • or battery charging pack (battery only installations) – £35


  • free of charge

Sub Total – £650.00 (This will be refunded through the MMO grant)
VAT – £130.00 (This will be claimed back through your VAT return)

Total £780.00

Choose your Airtime Option

We will contact you after your order to confirm which airtime option you require.

Airtime Standard


Free airtime according to package

2 year warranty

Airtime Enhanced


Free airtime according to package

5 year warranty

Airtime seasonal pause option

*Prices exclude VAT

*Prices exclude VAT

How to order your NEMO

Order your NEMO by clicking the button below. The order will be shipped to the address specified and instructions to arrange free installation will be sent with the terminal.

According to whether your vessel has onboard electric power or not, you will be offered either a 9-36v to 5v DC converter or a battery charging pack. This will be shown in your basket on ordering.

fishing ship

About the MMO Legislation

MMO Legislation is due to come into force which will make it a legal requirement for all vessels under 12 metres in length to have an inshore vessel monitoring system (I-VMS) installed and transmitting data to the MMO when they are at sea in English waters.

The NEMO has been strategically developed to assist fisherman and governments in sustainable commercial global fishery management.

The NEMO device meets the I-VMS specification requirements set out in the MMO’s type approval process which was approved in November 2021 by the UK government.


All UK registered fishing vessels below 12 metres require I-VMS to be installed in 2022

Next deadline (Under 6m vessels) must be installed by


Fulcrum Maritime Systems Ltd have partnered with SIRM UK for installations and maintenance of the NEMO terminals.

SIRM UK Marine LTD operates from 14 depots around the UK:

  • Fraserburgh
  • Aberdeen
  • Glasgow
  • Eyemouth
  • Liverpool
  • Bristol
  • Newlyn
  • Plymouth
  • Southampton
  • Chelmsford
  • Lowestoft
  • Hull
  • Newcastle
  • Kilkeel
Sirm UK logo
FishNEMO software

FishNEMO Software

A web interface designed to receive, store, process and access data provided by NEMO beacons and is supplied free of charge to the NEMO user through a secure login to a web based user interface.

It is a function rich application utilizing maps and layers to display vessel and environmental data.

  • Designed by CLS, the world leading VMS provider
  • Solar panel
  • Rugged, waterproof design (IP67)
  • Easy to use: Plug-and-Fish
  • Tamper-proof
  • Smart reporting
  • Geofencing
  • Alerts on events
  • Unique identifier


  • Global coverage
  • Automatic data collection of vessel movements
  • Continuous on-board storage for data integrity
  • Precise positioning anywhere in the world from GNSS Satellites (GPS/Galileo/GLONASS/BeiDou/QZSS)


  • Zone management (geofencing)
  • GPRS
  • Cost-effective sea-to-shore reporting
  • Secure encrypted messages
  • Secure Bluetooth connection


  • Request for assistance button
  • VMS features meet fisheries control regulation

MMO I-VMS for Inshore Fisheries operating in England’s EEZ

CLS is proud to announce that CLS NEMO transmitter is registered on the list of I-VMS type approved devices for under 12 metre English vessels as published on the website. The MMO I-VMS policy will apply from 2022 to all under-12m fishing vessels transiting or fishing in England’s water, regardless of where they are registered.