Vessel Tracking

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Vessel Tracking System (VTS) and Fleet Monitoring Tool

A secure web based application that you can view anytime, anywhere

Information on local weather conditions at the location of the vessel

Distance to nearest port

Historical record of voyages

View real time positions on a map

Friendly, helpful customer information & support service

An easy and modulable web-based platform, THEMIS


  • Supporting safety and security missions for Maritime Domain Awareness.
  • Supporting day-to-day fleet management towards costs optimization, risks management and compliance.

Themis is a unique software suite to fuse and correlate:

  • Ship centric data (location, sensors, AIS…)
  • Satellite Imagery
  • Marine data (Wind, Currents, weather, salinity, pressure….)
LRIT Testing container boats

Want to know more about how vessel tracking works ?

The vessel tracking system uses satellite technology to receive a signal from a vessel…