LRIT Equipment – TT GPS Rollover Mini C

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Important information

TT 3026 x Inmarsat C units were declared end of life 13 years ago.

A GPS rollover took place on March 25th 2023 which caused many units to become non compliant for LRIT.

If you have a TT Mini C and it is not reporting for LRIT due to the GPS rollover then a new terminal will need to be procured.


How can CLS UK help?

Our dedicated LRIT support team can:

  • Offer you a free consultation to help identify if you have an alternative terminal that could be used for LRIT position reporting.
  • Supply a new compliant terminal – Sirius One
  • Conduct a replacement LRIT conformance test on a Sirius One


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For further information, speak to a member of our service delivery team on +44 1708 788400 (Monday – Friday).
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