How does the terminal work?

The NEMO works in the same way as a mobile phone, with an internal sim card. The position retrieved from the GPS on the device is sent through GPRS in the same way that mobile phone data would be sent.

When do I need to have the terminal installed?

The MMO are asking for the I-VMS rollout schedule to be adhered to and terminals must be installed within the correct periods for the size of the vessel in order to be eligible for the grant. The rollout schedule can be found on the MMO page here.

When will I receive my terminal?

The unit will be dispatched via DPD and should be received within 2-3 working days from the date of order.

How do I buy more than one terminal?

Please complete a separate order form for each terminal required.

How is it installed? Can I fit it myself?

It is a requirement of the MMO that specifically trained engineers should fit the unit. We include free installation with our chosen partner engineers. No other installers can be used

I have a Maritime Systems MS44 installed. What should I do?

Do not attempt to remove the MS44 yourself. Select the option on the website and we will remove and recycle the MS44. This is a requirement of the MMO for all boats that have an MS44 fitted. The cost of removal and recycling will be covered by the MMO grant.

How do I charge my terminal?

The terminal must remain on the vessel.

If your vessel has onboard power you will need a 5v convertor which we will add to your order and this will keep the NEMO charged and operational at all times.

If your vessel does not have onboard power a battery charging pack will be required. We can provide one for £35 with your order if required.

The NEMO can be recharged from 0% at least 4 times with the power pack that we supply.

If you are using your own power pack, it should be at least 7500mAh to ensure that the NEMO can be fully charged from 0% in one charge.

How long will the NEMO report on the battery alone?

The I-VMS specifications require that the device report every 3 minutes which is a big drain on battery power.

Testing has shown that the NEMO will continue to report continuously at the 3 minute interval for approximately 7-10 days on the internal battery alone according to the solar conditions.

The NEMO will reduce its reporting rate while in ‘Port mode’ however, which will reduce the reporting to once every 8 hours once it is stationary for 1 hour. This will increase battery life considerably.

The power pack can be connected at any time and does not interfere with the use of the device. There is an LED display on the NEMO to show the battery power (>30%=green, 20-30%= amber, <20%=red).

How much mobile data does it use and how much does it cost?

The monthly subscription of £10 + VAT includes the data.

Do you have a free airtime offer?

We offer either 36 or 48 months included airtime, according to the package you have selected. This will be started when your NEMO is installed so that you can benefit from the tracking capabilities of FishNEMO immediately.

How do I know if the terminal is working properly?

There is an LED on the terminal which displays the signal status and indicates if the NEMO is operational. You will also be able to see your data in real-time in the FishNEMO software.

What do I do if there is no signal?

The NEMO will store the position reports and transmit them when it is back in signal range. This is a requirement of the MMO.

What happens if the terminal stops working?

There is a 24 hour support line for any trouble shooting issues. The MMO are currently working on the process for fishers in the event of a non-functioning device. Link to MMO information here.

How do I see my data?

You will be sent log in details to a web based user interface which features positions, weather and sea information, mapping tools, history and device management.

Can anyone else see my ship’s data?

The position reports will be sent to the MMO. Nobody else will be able to view your vessel data without your log in details.

What happens if I have an emergency?

The NEMO has a “call for assistance” button which can be configured to send an alert.