Our Promise

We are committed to providing customers with products that meet or exceed customers’ requirements and satisfy their expectations judiciously. Fulcrum Maritime Systems Ltd will deal with any problems and issues our customers may have with our service provided. We carefully monitor and look into all complaints and suggestions to enable FMS to identify non-conformities within the company to continuously improve our processes.

Our complaint procedures

If you are not happy with any aspect of our service, please let us know by contacting the member of staff that you are dealing with in the first instance. Our staff will do all they can to resolve the difficulty. Whatever your complaint we will:-

  • Ensure your complete confidentiality.
  • Acknowledge your concern and give you a personal point of contact.
  • Talk the problem over with you if your complaint requires special attention.
  • Correspond in a polite and courteous manner.
  • Respond with an explanation or an apology.
  • Take on board your comments and use them to improve our service.
  • Review our complaints policy and procedures regularly.We treat a complaint as a clear expression of dissatisfaction with our service which calls for an immediate response; however, please allow 5 working days for us to review the problem or concern thoroughly and reply in writing. If we need more time because the complexity of the issue we let you know.

    Customer Satisfaction

    · Providing value through excellent product performance and cost
    · Providing value through rapid integration ability and excellent customer support
    · Enabling customer success by providing business solutions that genuinely meet customer needs

    Commitment to Continual Process Improvement

    · Establishing and maintaining reliable methods, processes and performance metrics
    · Measuring performance against set objectives.
    · Providing adequate tools, time and training to ensure that employees can do their jobs well


    A complaint is ‘any expression of dissatisfaction (with Fulcrum Maritime Systems Ltd, with a member of staff, or part of service) that relates to Fulcrum Maritime Systems Ltd Aspects of service and that requires a formal response’.


    Fulcrum Maritime Systems Ltd formal complaints procedure is intended to ensure that all complaints are handled fairly, consistently and wherever possible resolved to the complainant’s satisfaction, meeting their needs and requirements.

    Roles and Responsibilities

    FMS responsibility will be to:
    · Acknowledge the formal complaint in writing;
    · Respond within a stated period of time;
    · Deal reasonably and sensitively with the complaint;
    · Take action where appropriate;

    A complainant’s responsibility is to:
    · Bring their complaint, in writing, to Fulcrums attention normally within 3 weeks of the issue arising;
    · Raise concerns promptly and directly with a member of staff.
    · Explain the problem as clearly and as fully as possible, including any action taken to date.
    · Allow Fulcrum Maritime Systems Ltd 5 days to look into the matter.
    · Recognise that some circumstances may be beyond the control of Fulcrum Maritime Systems Ltd.

    Escalation of Complaints should be addressed to the Customer Services Manager at moc.e1718911076mitir1718911076am-mu1718911076rcluf1718911076@seci1718911076vres.1718911076remot1718911076suc1718911076.

    Correspondence Details:

    Fulcrum Maritime Systems Ltd
    Suite 3 Park Mews,
    15 Park Lane
    Hornchurch, RM11 1BB
    United Kingdom
    Tel +44 1708 788400
    Fax +44 1708 788402
    Company Registration Number: 6635456
    Email: moc.e1718911076mitir1718911076am-mu1718911076rcluf1718911076@seir1718911076iuqne1718911076