Products & Services

LRIT Conformance Tests

For Vessel , Fleet Managers, Service Agents, Equipment Providers.

Dedicated support for LRIT tests is available 365 days per year to ensure that your conformance test is carried out without any delay and that there is always someone available to answer your questions.

Register for a test 24/7 using the form on our web site. The form will ask you for all the relevant information. Our Test Team will validate the information provided in order to minimise any possible errors that might cause a delay or problem during the test procedure.

Payment can be made by credit card on the website. The Conformance Test Report is sent out immediately upon successful completion of the test (if payment has been received in full).

Prices include free retests, free data check and free status notifications at the start and end of the test. Prices also include CTR if we are authorised to provide the CTR on behalf of the Flag State.

If you need to carry out conformance tests for more than 24 vessels in each calendar year, please contact our Test Team.

Vessel Tracking and Fleet Monitoring Tool

For Fleet Owners, Charterers and Flag Administrations, we provide a satellite tracking system.

Using our system, you can track your vessel or fleet from your mobile device or laptop.

You can receive alerts and notifications by email based on vessels entering or exiting a specific zone, travelling above or below a certain speed or within a certain distance from port.

Additionally, you can receive vessel positions by email with a hyperlink to Google Maps so that you can view the position of the vessel quickly and easily anytime and anywhere.

Our Vessel Tracking systems are compatible with most types of  satellite tracking beacons, including Inmarsat Sat C equipment, Iridium, Skywave, Satamatics and Globalstar equipment.

Prices for the service vary based on fleet size and frequency of reporting, so please contact our Sales Team for further information or a price illustration.  You can contact our Sales Team using the contact form on our website.

Online Seafarer Certification and Record Book System

We offer a mature, web-based application for the management and issue of Seafarer Certification (Certificates of Competency, CoC, Certificates of Performance, CoP, Endorsements, CRA, Seaman’s Record Books, Discharge Books, Training Certificates).

Using our system, Ship Registries and Maritime Authorities can save time and improve the service that they provide to their clients.

The system includes a management tool that provides a better understanding of seasonal fluctuations, revenues and seafarers by age, nationality, etc.

Certificates are provided in electronic format (E-Certificates, Electronic Certificates, PDF Format).

The system has been developed in consultation with ship registries and has the possibility for third parties, such as Manning Agents, to input data directly and to track the status of their requests remotely, further reducing the burden on flag administration staff whilst providing greater visibility and faster turn-around times.